How to get Bad Credit Auto Loans

As an individual with good or bad credit, you have fewer options than most, and you are typically limited to your bank or credit union. Through Credit Repair Auto Loans you have access to many more lenders that specialize in all types of bad credit.

To get started, come meet with us. You can then choose a vehicle from our local Inventory and then sit with us to work out the details, so we can better understand your specific situation and needs.

You will be surprised at what our specialized and professional lenders can achieve on your behalf. With due diligence, we can get you into a new automobile in ONLY ONE DAY.

We will show you our large inventory, and also suggest vehicles to you that work within your budget and with your specific situation. Once you decide on the right vehicle for you, we get to the real work. We reach out to our network of lenders, on your behalf, and get you the best terms available. We strive to get you the best deal with the right lenders, while keeping your main concerns paramount. Monthly payment is of the utmost importance, as your new car could mean the difference between bad and good credit. At Credit Repair Auto Loans, we want to help you overcome your credit problems.

In many cases no deposit or cosigner will be required!
We charge no fees for our service
We offer loans from $5000 to $50,000
Payments for all budgets!! As low as $200 per month!!!
We work with over 50 major lenders . We will find the right loan for you!
As you pay your auto loan on time your credit score will gradually improve!

Documents you will need: (Please bring all these documents with you!)
a. Proof of Income: Last 2 pay stubs
b. Proof of Residence: Electric bill, Phone bill, Bank Statement etc. Any mail with your name and current address
c. Valid driveras license

So what’s left to do? Simply call us now at (904) 990-7555 to get started!