Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Bad Credit Car Loans

General Questions

Where are you located?
Credit Repair Auto Loans is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have partnered with companies nationwide to help you get the auto financing you need. The best way to contact us is to simply pick up the phone and call us at (904) 990-7555. You can also click on our quick contact form to send us an email!

Can I come meet with someone in your office?
We work with third party finance companies affiliated with a local dealership in Jacksonville, Florida

Why should I use your company?
Credit Repair Auto Loans is different than many companies in the sense that we believe every customer is worthy of clear communication and deserves our hard work in finding lending solutions that make sense for you. Some companies will not work with you if you do not meet certain criteria. We want to help everyone, regardless of credit worthiness, in finding the right automobile for them.

I received a denial from another local car dealer. How can you get me approved?
We work with a multitude of lenders that specialize in loans for people with credit problems. We understand that many factors can attribute to bad credit, including divorce, bankruptcy, health issues, loss of wages, etc … We can help!

I have a specific issue that will prevent me from getting a loan, what should I do?
The first step is to meet with us so that we can professionally evaluate your individual situation. This will give us the opportunity to look at your individual needs and issues, and tailor a loan solution that will enable you to purchase an automobile.

Finance Questions

Why do I have to meet you?
Unlike many car dealers, we understand each and every person is unique and not everyone can purchase a vehicle so easily. We know that the car buying experience is an important one for many people. The customer relationships we form are an integral part of our business, and why we are able to help so many people find their next automobile.

Do you run my credit?
No, Credit Repair Auto Loans does not run credit until after we meet in person. A lender or auto dealer may, but we do not run credit until you visit with us in person.

Do You offer auto refinancing services?
No, although we have many lenders on our side, we do not refinance vehicles.

I found a car with a private seller. Can I use your financing?
We do not make or fund auto loans. Credit Repair Auto Loans matches car buyers with our vehicles.

I am in bankruptcy and have bad credit. Can you still help me get into a vehicle?
Many folks have similar concerns. While we don’t know specifically the exact type of situation you are in, we cannot help you until you meet with us. Once we meet, we will attempt to place you with one of our many lenders that work with your type of credit.


Where can I get more information on a specific vehicle?
Call us at (904) 990-7555 and we will be glad to let you know what kind of vehicles are in our inventory!