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by Toby J., Jacksonville, Florida on Credit Repair Auto Loans

I was skeptical about being able to get approved for an auto loan, but after I spoke to a Credit Repair Auto Loans salesmen, I scheduled an appointment for the next day. I brought all I was asked to bring, and got my car that same day. It was a lot easier than I expected. Thanks so much.

by Tanya T., St Augustine, Florida on Credit Repair Auto Loans

Buying a new car was a scary experience for me, but they took the time and got to understand my situation and vehicle needs and explained all very clearly. Thanks again!

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Bad Credit Auto Loans Approved Fast! We can help!

Bad Credit Car Loans. How? By carefully reviewing every application and placing it only with lenders that deal in credit specific to your problems. Each Lending partner within our group specializes in one type of bad credit or another. 1st time buyers, Repo’s, Bankruptcy, Charge Offs, Slow Pays, Disability, Self-Employed, Social Security, Divorce & more.

Help us get your application in front of the right lender by meeting with us to assess your current credit situation, and then find the car you need and want, that fits your specific situation.

Credit Repair Auto Loans’ Advantages


By utilizing the Credit Repair Auto Loans’ exclusive network of lenders your successful search for a new or used vehicle increases dramatically.

We have helped many people in the Jacksonville area, and surrounding cities, who had previously thought they couldn’t get a new car, for a variety of reasons. We’re local and have a one of the largest selections of vehicles to choose from.

Whether you’ve got bad credit, no credit, or you’ve got great credit; we will put you in front of our lenders to help you get that new or used Car, Truck, SUV, or Van.

There are NO FEES for our services
No obligation for applying
Loan decision in 15 minutes after applying

Call (904) 990-7555A to set up an appointment in Jacksonville where one of our credit specialist will advise the best way to move forward in getting you into a car andA improving your credit.

Call Now!!!